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Safety Accelerator

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The goal with Safety Accelerator is to organize and establish an effective safety management system by providing a strong foundation through leadership coaching while using an easy-to-use platform.

If your company has a safety manual that sits on the shelf collecting dust – or – if you have experienced an OSHA recordable (or worse), then perhaps the time has come to accelerate your safety program and ultimately elevate your safety culture!

This package includes:

  • Access to professional safety consulting.
  • Conference call with Safety Champion(s) each week or as needed.
  • Periodic on-site assessments and train-the-trainer meetings at job location.
  • Customized safety manual comprised of safety programs and appendices.

How it works:

Once you order your package, your order will be assigned to Lance Roux, CSP and he will schedule a call with you to discuss your safety needs and obtain the information needed to start accelerating your safety program.

SafetyPro Resources will be facilitating the full process which includes trainings, meetings and goal management. We start by visiting your site! We plan for a two-day site visit to perform a gap analysis, site inspection and training. We also start outlining your safety manual filled with programs and appendices.

The gap analysis will identify improvement opportunities. It will include a PPE Hazard Assessment, Job Safety Analysis and Training Needs Assessment. All areas of improvement during the gap analysis will be reviewed prior to leaving.

A 12-month action plan is included! We will provide you with an action plan based on the improvement areas identified during the gap analysis. It will be presented to management 2-3 weeks after the initial analysis. We will also provide a training matrix based on the recommendations from the training needs assessment.